Live on stage

"La vie devant soi" - "Revoir Paris"

17/01 - Bari -Italy
25/01 La Maison pour tous -  Beaucourt - 90
08/02 Carré Bellefeuille - Boulogne-Billancourt - 92
15/02 Forum - Berre l'Etang - 13
23/05 Puchheim -  Germany
08/06 Brussels - Belgium
24/06 Kyiv - Ukraine
26/06 Lviv - Ukraine


18/06 Eglise- Domfront - 61

"Paseo a dos" 

20/02 Auditorium Philharmony - Brno - Czech Rep.
11/05 Basel - Switzerland
21/05 Hannover - Germany

15/03 Alte Feuerwach Manheim - Germany


Welcome to my website

DorantesDORANTES : Piano
RENAUD GARCIA-FONS : Five strings double bass

Guest Artists:
JAVI RUIBAL : Drums and percussion
URSULA LOPEZ : Flamenca dance

Andalucian gypsy DORANTES leans on his own roots to bring piano in a music where the main instrument is since ever the guitar

He works on a more complex music than pure flamenco including improvisation without daring he plays jazz

Renaud GARCIA-FONS with his unique sound on double bass has explored the pathes of flamenco with Arcoluz and Linea del Sur

On his last album SIN MUROS, Dorantes invited Renaud Garcia-Fons to play in two songs, and right now they are about ot record an album in duet RGF


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