Cover Marcevol 200

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1. Hacía Compostela
2. Palermo Notturno
3. Kalimbass
4. Marcevol
5. Bajo de Guía
6. Pilgrim
7. Voyage à Jeyhounabad
8. Yupanqui
9. Far Ballad
10. Kurdish Mood
11. Rock Wandering
12. Peregrino 

 - “The Marcevol Concert”
« The one and thousand voices of  the double bass »
The whole CD/DVD is made with double bass, if some pieces are written for the instrument alone, the loops in others allows a real multiplication of the instrument.
These loops were recorded with sounds made only with the double bass: percussion, harmonics, voicings, pizzicatti... A real evolutionary orchestration!

The inspiration travels from east to west and from ancient music to contemporary music : medieval (Marcevol) ; barocco (Hacía Compostela) ; eastern (Voyage à Jeyhounabad) ; african (Kalimbass) ; latino (Yupanqui) ; rock, blues (Rock Wandering) ; spanish (Bajo Flamenco)…

Renaud makes his dream comes  true : playing with the double bass a universal  instrument, a real orchestra on his own, exploring all technics from bow to pizzicatto

Music is a matter of vibrations, Renaud found at "Prieure de Marcevol"  the ideal place to record with its well balanced sound and just eough natural reverberation, suitable to get the spiritual and festive inspiration
As Renaud says it, it's an invitation to "an imaginary travel with a double bass through space and time."