SilkMoon Cover 200

Renaud García-Fons five strings double bass
Derya Türkan kemence

 1. Silk Moon 3'38
2. A girl from Istanbul 5'00
3. Istanbul'da bir Ispanyol 4'58
4. Kaman Tché 4'16
5. Bahar Zamani 2'57
6. Prayer Song 5'10
7. Konstantinoupoli Reflections 3'35
8. Dokuz Sekiz 2'26
9. Camino de Sed (dedicated to Paco de Lucia) 3'30
10. Bosphorus Nostalgia 3'04
11. Nishapur 2'18
12. Beautiful House in Bad Homburg 4'17
13. Lamentos 7'10
14. Taksim Clouds 3'57
TOTAL : 56'38

Release November 10th, 2014

Renaud García-Fons met Derya Türkan when they played together with famous turkish Ney player Kudsi Erguner in 2006.
After all these years, they simply and obviously had the envy to record together again.

Their music is fed by eastern, mediterranean and latin influences, inspired by the lyrical expression and the deep chant from the tradition of Oriental Maqam and Andalusian Cante Jondo and based on their own compositions.

Their two instruments, the kemence and the double bass are the smallest and the tallest instruments played with bows and they together astonishingly and naturally sound as a complete orchestra.
Renaud and Derya both plays them way beyond the usual tradition to discover new musical spaces, rhythmic, subtle and poetic.

With its unheard instrumentation, this duet leads to an intense moment of emotion and musical passion.