Derya TURKAN :  Kemence d' Istanbul
Renaud GARCIA-FONS : 5 strings double-bass

SILK MOON : New Album - Release Nov 11th, 2014 - e-motive records


A friendly partnership links these two musicians since a long time, when they met with famous Ney player Kudsi Erguner. In 2006 they were already playing together on the album Minstrel Era dedicated to classical ottoman music with cellist Ugur Isic.

Their two instruments, the more little and the among strings instruments, sounds like a true orchestra even if they're only two.
Renaud and Derya like lyrical expression and the deep chant from tradition, Oriental and Magam and Cante Jondo from Andalucia.
Beyond the classical use of their instruments , they discover together new musical spaces subtle and poetics.

A geat emotional moment with an instrumentation never used before.