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Renaud GARCIA-FONS :  5 Strings Double Bass
Symphonic Orchestra

For many years, Renaud Garcia-Fons has been developing a universal vision of the double bass. Between technical mastery and lyrical escapades, the double bass becomes in his hands a solo instrument in its own right whose sound is immediately recognizable. Without denying its classical and jazz origins, Renaud Garcia-Fons's double bass, with its instantly recognizable sound, goes with its thousand and one voices to meet world music. Passionate about composition and writing for different ensembles Oriental Bass, Navigatore, etc., as well as for film music, Renaud Garcia-Fons invites us here to a meeting with the Macedonian Philarmonics on the theme of travel, an open musical expression on the world.

Taking advantage of the rich palette of timbres and colors that a symphonic orchestra such as Macedonian Philarmonics can bring, Renaud Garcia-Fons has composed a repertoire that draws its inspiration from both classical music and various traditional music, flamenco, Afro-Latin music, Oriental music but also his city, Paris.

More than a simple rapprochement, it is a matter of developing in co-operation with the orchestra a musical form both written and improvised, integrating the rigor of classical interpretation and the freedom of improvised music.

This musical creation, between an opening inspired by the dramatic events of Paris in 2015 and a final festive tutti Fortaleza built on the flamenco rhythm of Seguiryia, revolves around several movements, as many climates each evoking a distinct musical universe. Alternating energetic and groovy orchestral sequences and more intimate passages, bass solo and orchestra unite in a common musical language in the service of an emotion that only a music without borders can bring.

It is at a musical celebration dedicated to friendship and humanity sharing between peoples that Renaud Garcia-Fons invites us.