Renaud GARCIA-FONS :  5 Strings Double Bass
Kiko RUIZ :  Flamenca Guitar
Derya TURKAN :  Kemence
Serkan HALILI : Kanun

A new illustration of its passion for stringed instruments, this new quartet is developing an original repertoire dedicated to the meeting between Ottoman music and modern flamenco.
A great bond has united these 4 virtuosos for many years, during their meeting within different formations Silk Moon with Derya Turkan, Arcoluz Trio with Kiko Ruiz and more recently Serkan Halli with the Breath of the Strings.
After all these years of multiple musical experiences, the idea of this La Luna de Seda quartet simply became obvious, their four instruments, from the smallest to the largest string instruments, find a natural complementarity of timbres and playing modes and together produce the effect of a true orchestra, uniting East and West.
What also unites these four recognized soloists is their taste for lyrical expression and deep singing from the tradition of Oriental Maqam and Andalusian cante Jondo as well as groove from traditional music. Furthermore, this quartet was born from a deep desire to go beyond the traditional expression of their instruments to discover new musical, rhythmic, refined and poetic spaces together. Obviously, it is a great moment of emotion and musical fervor that this quartet with completely new instrumentation invites us to experience.