RGF Linea Del Sur 200


Renaud Garcia-Fons 5-string double bass
David Venitucci accordion
Kiko Ruiz flamenco guitar
Pascal Rollando percussion
Esperanza Fernández vocals


There are multiple sources for his musical inspiration – he feels as close to the music of the Mediterranean and Orient as to the flamenco tradition, which he has transposed for the double bass. Since his album “Entremundo” (2004) the flamenco has even become a main source of his artistic imagination. On “La Línea del Sur”, his eighth album for ENJA, Renaud Garcia-Fons explores “the roads of an imaginary South”, as he puts it, “a dreamland rooted in a multitude of musical traditions.” Presenting haunting melodies, refined interweavings and thrilling rhythms, Renaud’s compositions and arrangements perfectly serve a band format (bass, accordion, guitar, percussion) that is very similar to that of his first album “Alboreá” (bass, accordion, bass, percussion). While all of the players in this “imaginary flamenco” band are individual soloists and soulful “singers” on their instruments, the music also features a real flamenco singer as a plus: Esperanza Fernandez, a grand voice of flamenco, makes a unique contribution to a musical idiom that expands the frontiers of Andalucía all the way to the New World”, says Renaud. The words he wrote for her are inspired by Rumi, a mediaeval Persian poet and mystic. So once again Renaud Garcia-Fons unites artistic traditions from very different countries – and times – and he does so in the most artistic, virtuosic, enjoyable way.


1. La Línea Del Sur 07:21
2. Caballera De Mi Amor 06:20
3. Gare Saint Charles 04:03
4. Valsería 04:30
5. El Agua De La Vida 05:28
6. La Silhouette 05:14
7. Nada 02:00
8. Agua Dulce 04:53
9. Cante Del Barco 03:20
10. Veré 06:27
11. Enamorada 03:14

Total time: 52'50